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Episode Summary

After the drone attack leaves four agents dead and six wounded, Heller reinstates Jack, allowing him to make contact with an arms-dealer named Karl Rask (Aksel Hennie). Jack requests no oversight, untraceable equipment, a car, and the assistance of Kate. After learning of Heller's dementia, Davies worries about the Americans' ability to handle the incident. Whilst disposing of Naveed's body, his phone rings: it's a message from his sister Farah (Tehmina Sunny), whom he told to leave the country. Margot sends Simone to clean up the loose ends, even after Simone reports that Farah has no knowledge of anything. Jack briefs Kate on his plan: Rask will believe Jack betrayed him, so he needs to turn an unconscious Kate over as the 'true' culprit. While Rask waits for her to wake up, Chloe will hack his computer. Kate tranquilizes herself voluntarily, but British surveillance detects Jack stowing her in the boot of his car, and Davies sends in MI5 to arrest Bauer. Even worse, Rask has anti-tranquilizers, and tortures Kate to get her to talk. Belchek attempts to save her, but is subdued by MI5. They storm the warehouse, and Jack takes the opportunity to get Chloe into Rask's computer; she finds a phone number belonging to Simone, who at the moment is agonizing over the need to kill her sister-in-law and niece Yasmin (Nikita Mehta). She begs Farah to flee, but when Farah sees the knife, she begins an altercation, and Simone apologetically kills her; she chases Yasmin but gets struck by a bus. Finally, Jordan discovers traces of interference in the files concerning Kate's husband. While he attempts to reconstruct the stolen files, Navarro phones a third party to report the incident. The voice-distorted third party replies that if Jordan discovers the evidence Navarro planted to frame Adam Morgan, there will be nothing they can do to help. Mark tells the Russian that Jack cannot be handed over because the President has 'rescinded' the rendition order. The Russian demands an explanation from Mark, who promises to meet later and explain the situation face to face.

Episode Name

Day 9: 4:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M.