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Episode Summary

As Jack is taken into custody, Kate uploads the contents of the flight key to Open Cell, where Adrian discovers a hidden override code which can be used to control the drones. With this information in hand, President Heller orders the entire UAV fleet grounded. Unfortunately, it's too late, and Margot gains control of six of her ten targets. She follows this with a video holding Heller responsible for a drone strike that killed 26 children (as well as her husband and members of his organization), and demanding that he surrender himself to her within three hours. Heller asks Mark for confirmation of these civilian casualties, and upon receiving it, declares that they've handed Margot a 'moral victory.' Naveed tells Simone that he has sabotaged the video to make it traceable; Jordan discovers it, and Navarro heads up the strike team descending on the Al-Harazi compound. Jack claims that he can put Heller in contact with an arms dealer who works with the Al-Harazis, but refuses to give up a name unless he is reinstated. Kate, who has been sidelined by Navarro due to complaints from the Marines, contacts Chloe with a sneaking suspicion that the video was traced too easily. She is right: Ian discovered Naveed's sabotage, and led the CIA into a trap (an empty estate). Ian takes over drone control while Naveed is punished. Chloe, despite Adrian abandoning her, continues to work on the problem. As Heller and Davies watch the raid, she discovers the trap, and Navarro aborts the raid under advisement from Kate. But Ian launches Hellfire missiles at the estate from one of the drones, leaving the CIA contingent dazed and wounded by the explosion. Finally, Margot goes to confront Naveed. He begs for clemency from Simone, but she remains resolute, watching in silence as her mother shoots her husband through the head.

Episode Name

Day 9: 3:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M.